WOODsure has its roots in the wood truss industry. In those early years the founders of WOODsure were able to find coverage at affordable pricing for numerous truss manufacturers following the drastic insurance market hardening which developed, and continued for several years after 9/11. By becoming a stable insurance solution for truss manufacturers, the number of clients continued to grow leading to the establishment of WOODsure in 2006.

At WOODsure we understand that truss manufacturers have unique insurance needs, and through the years have constantly expanded our policy wordings for both property and general liability to address those needs.  As truss manufacturers provide not only trusses, but also a wide variety of engineered wood products to the construction industry, manufacturers often find themselves caught up in litigation involving building defects regardless of who was responsible.  This is an area where WOODsure’s approach to closing gaps in insurance coverage via tailored policy wordings has led to WOODsure being the endorsed insurance provider for the Canadian Wood Truss Association. With less gaps in coverage, our insurance solutions provide both enhanced coverage, and defense costs, when our truss manufacturing clients are not responsible for other companies’ faults.